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5 day APA intensive taster


This course provides you with an introduction into Patisserie, Chocolate, Cake Design and Decoration, Sugar and Bakery in a professional environment.

Whether you are a serious food enthusiast or would like to test the waters before committing to one of our other courses, this course will provide you with an additional set of skills which are a must for any aspiring pastry chef or anyone interested in taking their skills to the next level. 

What you will learn

Day 1: Patisserie 

  • how to make a pate sucree (sweet short crust pastry)
  • how to make a jelly fruit fillings
  • how to make a Mascarpone mousse
  • how to make a mirror glaze and learn how to glaze professionally
  • how to garnish and finish your desserts

Day 2: Sugar

  • Simple Casting, moulding and pulling techniques
  • how to weigh, cook and colour sugar ( Isomalt )
  • how to assemble your Lollipops and various Sugar Flowers   

Day 3: Chocolate

  • tabling dark chocolate
  • understanding fat bloom, sugar bloom and crystallisation 
  • how to create a coloured splattered effect
  • how to create a modern rocky road
  • modern decorating techniques
  • using basic chocolate moulds
  • demonstration on how to create honeycomb
  • how to make nougat de montelimar 

Day 4: Cake Design and decoration 

  • how to create a swiss roll using a Jaconde sponge
  • how to use stencil paste to create a pattern
  • how to create a Crème Chantily filling
  • how to create a Gugelhopf Cake
  • modern and professional finishing techniques 

Day 5: Bakery

  • create a variety of cultural breads
    • Bienestich
    • Chapatti 
    • Gorditas 
  • mixing, hand and machine kneading, cutting and moulding techniques 
  • proving techniques 
  • oven set up 

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course.


5 days



Choose your start date


Monday, 07 December 2020



Attendance dates

7 - 11 December 2020