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Busy beehive cake making and decorating

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In this two-day course you will be introduce to a variety of delicious cake flavours and how to decorate your cake with a fun, creative and professional finish.  

Students will get an understanding of ingredients, basic mixing and baking skills which are the foundation for every good cake baker. You will experience how to create unique and interchangeable flavours with your own, and to create your own combinations time and time again.    

What you will learn: 

  • preparing and understanding ingredients and the use of equipment
  • how to calculate the batter amount needed to achieve specific cake requirements
  • how to calculate oven temperature and baking times based on batter size 
  • various types of mixing techniques: 
    • all in method 
    • blend method
    • sugar batter method
  • how to make and bake a variety of cakes:
    • white chocolate and French vanilla bounty cake 
    • spiced soaked whisky fireball cake 
    • crunchy honeycomb cake 
  • how to make Swiss style buttercream 
  • how to fill, stack, level and layer your cakes 
  • how to cut and carve your cake to create a bee hive shape 
  • how to crumb-coat and mask your cake  
  • how to create a chocolate honeycomb effect 
  • learn how to decorate with marshmallow 
  • how to prepare the RTR fondant icing to create your bee and flowers
  • simple modelling techniques 
  • how to create facial expressions and features
  • how to finish your cake with finesse. 

You will leave this class with your own cake in hand as well as a detailed step-by-step manual. 

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