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Buttercream piping and creative floral designs - level 1

Cupcakes 9

Buttercream piping is back in trend with new and beautiful floral designs popping up everywhere you look! Come and join us in this beginner class and learn all the basics about butter cream piping. You can learn and practise with us creating a selection of 10 different, creative and visually stunning cupcakes and with a little practise you will be able to translate everything you learn in this class onto your own cake creations. 

Learn a variety of different piping techniques, creating a total of 10 different designs that are versatile in their application. 
All our students are hands-on and work on their own cupcakes. A detailed step by step manual is provided to ensure that students can recreate the designs again and again.    This course is a great introduction to cakes designed and open for anyone interested in the subject matter, no prior knowledge required. You will leave this class with 10 beautifully decorated, detailed cupcakes that will surely impress. 

What you will learn

  • how to make buttercream icing suitable for piping techniques
  • how to colour and flavour buttercream 
  • how to frost cupcakes 
  • how to hold and use a piping bag properly
  • learn what different piping nozzles are used for in cake decorating 
  • learn how to work with 9 different nozzles, learn a variety of different piping techniques: 
    • swirl
    • grass / fur 
    • rosette 
    • shell with flute 
    • leaves 
    • star drop 
    • elongated multi-layered blossom
    • bead 
    • ribbon
    • ruffle 
    • hydrangea
  • learn how to consider colour combinations and select your own colour theme in class.

All the designs learned in this class can easily be transferred onto a cake. Use your own creativity to take the learning outcomes from this class further! 

All students take home their set of 10 cupcakes, all materials are included in the cost of the course. A detailed step by step manual is provided as part of the course. 

All equipment and nozzles required in class are provided by the academy. Students have the opportunity to purchase cake decorating equipment including nozzles direct in our online store. 

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course.




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