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Flourless mokaya chocolate, mandarin & sudachi entremet without added gluten, dairy or nuts

Gluten Free

We have been asked many times to create a course that is suitable for those that are allergen conscious or intolerant to certain foods, but at the same time love to indulge and don’t want to feel that they are missing out.

We have created this beautiful mousse based cake, incorporating delicious flavours that will not only satisfy your taste buds but also provide you with invaluable skills to create skillful patisserie without adding gluten, dairy or nuts.

As with all our classes you are encouraged to take the skills and recipes learned in our courses away and create your own combinations with the newly gained knowledge.

What you will learn:

  • How to make a flourless chocolate sponge
  • How to make a rich and indugent chocolate mousse without adding dairy
  • How to create a crunchy biscuit layer without added flour or gluten
  • How to create a mandarin & sudachi (Japanese citrus fruit) insert
  • How to create a high gloss chocolate glaze without added dairy
  • How to glaze your cake professionally
  • How to decorate and finish your cake with finesse

Mokaya 66% Organic, single plantation chocolate couverture is one of the finest & refined chocolates on the market. Create by Michel Cluizel, the cocoa beans used for this chocolate are exclusively sourced from the Mokaya plantation in Mexico, which spreads to the border of Guatemala. The chocolate couverture has a powerful cocoa and fruity flavour profile.

Perfectly complementing the chocolate we have paired it with mandarin and a hint of sudachi which is a Japanese citrus fruit, allowing us to ideally balance the sweetness of this indulgent cake.

All students are hands on from start to finish for all recipes covered in this course and assemble their own entremets. Each student will walk away with their own cake at the end of the class.

Our campus is NOT an allergen free environment. Whilst we are not using flour, dairy or nuts for this particular course, all products are present on campus and in the pantry of each kitchen. 

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course.


1 day



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Saturday, 02 June 2018



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2 June 2018