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Modern entremets – intermediate

Entremet level 2 NEW5

Further enhance your patisserie skills by joining us in this intermediate level two day course in which you will learn how to create not only visually stunning but also technically refined entremets that will impress with their flavour combinations, textures and layers. 

You will learn how to make 3 different entremets from start to finish, all recipes in this class are versatile and interchangeable, providing students with lots of new ideas to create their own combinations upon finishing this class.

What you will learn

  • learn how to make and assemble multilayered entremets
  • learn how to pair flavours creating interesting combinations 
  • learn how to add textures, making dacquois, sponge, crunch and crumb bases
  • learn how to make mousses, ganache, cremeux & namelaka
  • learn how to make inserts and learn layering techniques
  • learn how to make chocolate condense milk based and cocoa based glazes
  • learn how to glaze a unique shaped cake and create a bi colour "spider glaze" effect
  • learn how to create a “velvet” finish with the use of a spray gun
  • learn how to create chocolate decorations and garnishes to give your entremets the finishing touch  
All our students are hands on from start to finish with all recipes made throughout the two day course. Each student will take home 3 entremets at the end of the course.

Flavour combinations: 

  • Chocolate lover, using three different couvertures
  • Guava, apricot, almond 
  • Strawberry, pistachio, vanilla 
All materials including a comprehensive recipe manual are included in the course.

If you have the relevant foundation skills needed then you are welcome to join us for any of our intermediate level courses. 

Recommended prior courses for enthusiasts are: Chocolate foundation skills and any of our entremets foundation skills courses.  


2 days



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Friday, 15 June 2018



Attendance dates

15-16 June 2018