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Signature rose & chrysanthemum blossom with berries cake– level 3

Butter 3 NEW

We are very excited to announce that renowned cake artist Sori Jeong is joining the academy in 2018 to teach level 1 – 5 in buttercream piping.
LEVEL 3: This class is designed for students that already have solid foundation skills piping Korean style buttercream flowers and would like to add new varieties of flowers to their repertoire.
All students are hands on and work on their own cake. We have deliberately allowed this class to be an 8 hour class, providing students with enough time to practice to perfect their flowers as well as get tutor support throughout the day. 

All the techniques and flowers taught in class are interchangeable and you will leave inspired to practice and use your own creativity to take what you have learned even further!  

A detailed step-by-step manual is provided to ensure that students can recreate the designs again and again.   

What you will learn:

  • how to make two different types of buttercream, one for flower piping and the other one for masking and filling. Please note that we will only provide a step-by-step demo for the masking buttercream on this level, as the buttercream for flower piping is covered in a step-by-step demo in our levels 1 & 2. 
  • how to fill and stack a cake with a spatula (6 inch vanilla cake) 
  • how to mask a whole cake with a scraper
  • how to render soft buttercream and achieve clean sides and sharp edges
  • how to achieve natural colour tone using gel colouring
  • how to use various piping tools and handle a piping bag in a proper way to achieve the desired outcome
  • how to control your palm pressure to achieve clean edges
  • how to angle your work in different ways depending on the various piping nozzles, using the concept of a spinning flower nail
  • how to pipe the design onto a flower nail, transfer and arrange the flowers onto a cake in the form of a blossom design, with the use of a flower lifter
  • this class will cover how to pipe elaborate flowers including: 
    • realistic roses in various sizes 
    • chrysanthemum
    • berries 
    • two different types of leaves
    • flower buds
    • rice flowers 

All students take home their own cake; all materials are included in the cost of the course. 
All equipment and nozzles required in class are provided by the academy.

Students have the opportunity to purchase cake-decorating equipment including nozzles direct in our online store. 

Our level 1 to 5 classes are structured in such a way that allows students to learn the skills step-by-step, incorporating many different techniques and flower combinations that will encourage you to use your own creativity and design some magnificent cakes. Each level builds onto the next, creating “edible art” in the process! 

We are introducing a set of new piping techniques and cake designs in our 2018 classes that we are sure will impress. Providing the opportunity for students to not only learn the skills in our classes and create beautiful designs but also achieve high quality outcomes.

In order to get the best results, we highly recommend that students practise in-between levels. 


  • January and April intensive option:  level 1 – 5 $1350.00 / saving of $183.00
  • January and April intensive option:  level 1 – 3 $598.00  / saving of $87.00
  • January and April intensive option:  level 4 – 5 $798.00 / saving of $50.00
  • January intensive course dates:

    • Level 1 -5: 10, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20th of January 2018
    • Level 1-3: 10, 13, 17th of January 2018
    • Level 4-5: 18, 19, 20th of January 2018
  • April intensive course dates:
    • Level 1-5: 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21st of April 2018
    • Level 1-3: 13, 14, 18th of April 2018
    • Level 4-5: 19, 20, 21st of April 2018
  • If you would like to add the “Assorted buttercream cupcakes - Succulents, level 2” course or “Buttercream concrete vase cake design with Succulents, level 3” to your course selections then please add them to your shopping cart at the advertised course fees, no additional discounts apply. 
  • For students that have completed our Artistic buttercream flowers cake - level 3 course previously and would like to come back for the new design, we offer a 25% discount on the course cost. This offer is only applicable for the level 3 “Signature rose & chrysanthemum blossom with berries design cake”; the level 3 "Buttercream concrete vase cake design with Succulents” is not included in this offer.  


Entry Requirements

Suitable for those that have completed our “Creating Buttercream flowers, foundation skills – level 2” course or have prior documented experience with piping buttercream flowers.


1 day



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Saturday, 03 March 2018



Attendance dates

3 March 2018




Wednesday, 18 April 2018



Attendance dates

18 April 2018