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Sugar artistry 2 – ribbons, flowers, sugar blowing and garnishes

Sugar 2 NEW 1

Review, improve and build on your foundation skills by taking the next step of mastering the art of sugar work. 
In this class there will be an emphasis on technique and high quality results, each student creating their own showpiece considering shine, symmetry and colour combinations. 

What you will learn

  • working with Isomalt
  • introduction to pulled ribbon using multiple colours
  • pulled petals for a large flower
  • introduction to sugar blowing
  • assembling techniques 
  • garnishes to finish off your creations
  • storage of pieces and the use of silica gel.

This two day course provides extended teaching hours to allow sufficient time to practise. 
Each student is provided with their own individual workstation and works on his /her own showpiece. 

Students take their showpiece with them at the end of this two day course. Approximate dimensions: L 200mm x W 200mm x H500mm.
A detailed recipe book is provided as part of the course.

Please ensure to familiarise yourself with our terms & conditions.  

Entry Requirements

You will have already completed a beginner's sugar course or have previous experience in sugar artistry.




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