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Agar Agar Powder 200g

Agar agar is derived from red algae and is used as a gelling agent. 

Agar agar is derived from Gracilaria a red sea algae, it has high gelling properties and is used in cooking for its setting strength and holding capacity. 

  • Agar Agar sets at 40°C and can be remelted if required. 
  • Suitable for a PH range of 2.5-10.
  • Usage: Gelling - 2.4gm/Lto set, 6-10mg/Lfirm set.
  • Mix into cold liquid and bring to 85°C to activate before setting.
  • 100% from plant sources, gluten free, suitable for vegans
Unit size: 200g 
Brand: Red Spoon 



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