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French Confectionery

French confectionery

Immerse yourself in your own candy shop and learn the art of creating traditional French confectionery and expand your dessert repertoire. 

Delight your friends and family with a perfectly chewy bar filled with a range of nuts and dried fruit or a flavourful pate de fruit and a selection of classic brittles. 

What you will learn: 

  • how to make French white nougat 
  • how to prepare the nuts for your nougat 
  • how to pasteurise the Italian meringue correctly for your nougat  
  • how to assemble your nought onto the rice paper 
  • how to make a mango jelly 
  • how to add the yellow pectin to your jelly correctly 
  • how to add the sugar in the correct boiling stages of the jelly 
  • how to line the mould for your jelly 
  • how to prepare and boil the sugar safely for your brittle and crunch 
  • understanding of the ingredients/elements used
  • how to fold in the nuts safely into the boiled sugar 

What you will make: 

  • French white nought 
  • Mango and passionfruit Pate de fruit 
  • Peanut honeycomb brittle 
  • Cashew butter crunch (demonstration) 

All materials are included in the cost of the course. A detailed recipe book is provided as part of this course.

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