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Our academy

Welcome to the future of patisserie education!

We all see those ‘chefs’ on TV making intricate cooking techniques look ‘so easy’.  Here at the Australian Patisserie Academy our aim is to do the same; by training and moulding the budding cook, absolute beginner and seasoned chef into a patisserie master.


Our vision and characteristics

Our exciting vision to Discover. Create. Master. generates new possibilities in the patisserie field by breaking the norm and helping you conquer whatever you set out to achieve.

  • We are forward thinking, but we won’t lose sight of the traditions and legacies evolved in patisserie over time.
  • We are smart, charismatic, inspiring and sometimes, even a little bit mysterious.
  • We are also patient, supportive and encouraging, helping you with every macaron, sourdough, or opera gateau you craft with.

Our innovative style

As creative, progressive patisserie masters we will be bending the rules with our artistic renditions.

Choux pastry? Easy.

Pastry cream? Easy.

A croquembouche tower with spun sugar flowers... now we are talking

If proof is in the pudding...the pizazz is in our patisserie


Our promise to you

So whether you want to compete internationally in chocolate showpieces or would just like to learn the secrets of baking your own sourdough, the Australian Patisserie Academy will promise to transform your culinary skills into areas you never thought were possible.