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Elegant tarts and tartelettes

I went to the tarts course this weekend and it was just fantastic! Mayumi was one of the best teachers I've ever had in any subject. She was so patient and understanding of different students' learning needs. I felt that some of the beginner students really benefited from her thorough explanations and the students with some baking experience got a lot from her professional tips & tricks. I would recommend her thoroughly. See our patisserie courses.

Nancy Jiang, Sydney

5 day Patisserie intensive, foundation skills

Massive thank you to you and Chef Yves Scherrer for running a fantastic course. I've learnt so much in five days about patisserie and I can't wait to practise everything that I've learnt. In fact today I will be making macarons, chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse. I'm also very grateful for your care and professionalism in catering to my disability. Thank you too to your awesome assistants who have been so helpful. They have made our learning so much easier by measuring out our ingredients and helping us throughout the course. At times I do struggle with the frustration of my pain and disability hindering my love and passion for cooking and baking. It's people like you who have welcomed me and graciously made arrangements to ensure that I can still learn, cook and bake. I've enjoyed the course and I will definitely be back in the near future. Thank you Brigitte and Chef Yves! See our patisserie courses.

Melanie Cook, Sydney

Over 40 courses attended

The Australian Patisserie Academy is a perfect environment to learn if you are passionate about becoming a great baker and a stepping stone to start a new career. The biggest lesson gained in here is the attitude the professional chef instructors inspire in their students and their ability to push you past your limits.

The staff, professional chef instructors that want to prepare you for the future have been excellent, amazing and friendly. They truly want the students to succeed. All the creativity surrounding you was such an inspiration so you can excel with your very own creativity!    All classes were easy to follow through hands-on sessions. Questions raised were addressed and timely demonstrations were provided by APA during the course. I’m surprised how much I’ve grown and learned and this has made my time here one of the best experiences of my life. I have enjoyed forty plus courses; thank you APA! See our courses
F. Mansoor, Sydney

5 day Patisserie intensive, intermediate level 

I so loved this course! The variety of receipts completed was excellent. Great pace and amazing set up, what a fantastic week. I came a long way to attend this course and it exceeded all my expectations, I’ll be back for more! See our patisserie courses.

Sasha Naidoo -  South Africa  

5 day Patisserie intensive, foundation skills 
5 day Patisserie intensive, intermediate level 
5 day Bakery intensive, introduction to breads & pastries 

I have just spend 3 weeks at the academy, 5 day patisserie 1 & 2 and 5 day bakery, my goodness what an experience. I cannot speak highly enough about the level of knowledge that I have gained, the teachers are absolutely outstanding as is the entire team.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have loved every minute!  See our courses

Gabriella Wulandari, Indonesia 

5 day Patisserie intensive, foundation skills 
5 day Patisserie intensive, intermediate level
Modern chocolate, hazelnut and Frangelico entremet 

I am so happy that I came all the way, it was absolutely worth the journey! The courses were exactly what I was looking for, highly professional yet still accessible even for somebody with no formal training. I learnt so much and I’m excited putting all my new skills into practice. Really wish you were closer, I would be back in a second!  See our patisserie courses

Edith Meier, Zurich, Switzerland 

The Art of Sourdough

What a fabulous course, I had such a wonderful day! The theory, the practical hands-on aspect, the enthusiasm & knowledge of chef Luigi, his wealth of knowledge, in a word EVERYTHING! Highly recommend this course! See our bakery courses
Paul Marschal, Townsville 

5 day Patisserie intensive, foundation skills 
5 day Patisserie intensive, intermediate level

Amazing two weeks thank you! Love the hands on aspect and that I really got to make everything and not just some parts of the course. All the tips and additional info was invaluable, the variety of items made was insane, most enjoyable two weeks ever! Chef Yves is a legend! I’m coming back in March. See our patisserie courses.

 Michael Schultz, Melbourne

Soft & crusty bread rolls, hamburger buns and Scottish baps

I loved everything about this day, the variety of what we learned, all the different shapes and techniques and chef Sarah’s enthusiasm & knowledge was outstanding. See our bakery courses

Mila Sutton, Melbourne 

5 day Bakery introduction to breads and pastries

I have been baking bread for many years, the course was such amazing experience to bring my technical understanding and practical skills to a totally new level. Wow, you guys were not kidding when you called it an “intensive” – what as amazing variety of skills, techniques, recipes and products we made. Chef Vivek was a wealth of knowledge! See our bakery courses

Brian Minto - Hobart Tasmania, Australia 

Cake decorating intensive – 5 day foundation skills 

The quality and delivery of the course content was amazing. I can’t believe how much I learned and that I truly made three stunning cakes from scratch. Everyone is so impressed with my outcomes, this course was the best. Thank you so much!  See our cake design courses.

Xian Huong, Philippines 

Chocolate intensive – 5 days of artisan chocolates & confectionery 

5 day Bakery introduction to breads and pastries

WOW, that can I say! What a fabulous two weeks! These courses came recommended and I arrived with high expectations based on what I was told. I was so delighted being able to make everything myself and being hands-on all week. I have undertaken professional training before but I can honestly say, my experience at the Australian Patisserie Academy was superior to anything I have done before. What a professional team of teachers and support staff, it was fantastic. I’ll most definitely come back! See our courses

 Geoffrey Williams, New Zealand  

5 day Patisserie intensive, intermediate level

I was a bit apprehensive about doing intermediate but I really enjoyed it. It was fun and a lot of techniques. I learned a lot!  See our patisserie courses  

Lynette Foo, Singapore 

Artistic buttercream flowers cake, level 3

Chef Cinder was outstanding, she has the patience of a saint & I am so impressed with my new skills and beautiful cake!  See our cake design courses.

Celine Yian, Brisbane  

Viennoiserie – brioche, croissants, pain au chocolat & Danish pastries 

How much fun was this course, I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed myself, not to speak from the unbelievable amount of products that got to make and take home!  See our bakery courses

Kevin Rito, Central Coast

The Art of Sourdough 

I have been a hobby baker for many years, this was the perfect course to give me the technical knowledge needed to take my passion further. Awesome to work in a fully professional bakery kitchen! See our bakery courses  

Tom Marshal,  Adelaide  

Modern chocolate brownie, caramel and passion fruit entremet 

Always a pleasure to attend such professional classes.  Yves is a very good and patient teacher, who explains everything very well. I have enjoyed all the classes I have attended and consider I get very good value for money. See our patisserie courses

Chris McGlashan, Canberra  

Chocolate Connoisseur  

What an amazing course, the variety and learning outcomes were fantastic, this will help me so much with getting my dream of working from home realized. Chef Deborah was a wealth of knowledge, she had all the technical answers and more. Thank you for a wonderful experience. See our chocolate courses

Lucy Frinsch, Canberra 

Modern entremets - intermediate

This is my 6th course at the academy, I cannot stop! Working in the industry the academy provides the perfect training ground for picking up new techniques, recipes and skills. Loved the complexity of the entremes in this course, I can apply this straight away in my workplace. Thank you, I’ll be back! See our patisserie courses

Martin Schulz, Brisbane

Small Patisserie Creations

What a fantastic class, so many techniques and learning outcomes. I am a pastry chef and thought I do the course for fun, well ok guys, I didn’t know how much I would actually learn that was new two me. Keep up the good work people, I booked in for two more courses!  See our patisserie courses.

Matthias Oswald, Melbourne 

Chocolate intensive – 5 days of artisan chocolates & confectionery

I has such an amazing time last week and learned an incredible amount, I am blown away how professional and fantastic this course was! Thank you to chef Emmanuel and the team, what a privilege to attend. See our chocolate courses.

Sophia Wright, Perth 

French Classic Patisserie, Opera gateau

All the extra tips and the explanations as to why things are done a certain way and what the potential mistakes are were brilliant! See our patisserie courses

Daniel White, Brisbane 

Classic choux pastry & fillings 

Amazing, loved everything, thank you! The thorough instructions were fantastic. See our patisserie courses

Kristen Wae, Sydney 

5 day Patisserie intensive, foundation skills course

I had a great week and will definitely be back, probably early next year as I want to hone my skills more before commencing the intermediate course. I have recommended this course to everyone! See our patisserie courses.

Natasha Canuto - Sydney, Australia 

Buttercream piping and creative floral designs - level 1 

I wanted to thank you and Sarah for your kindness and consideration during my attendance at this course, you both made it easy for me to participate and not become stressed by my disability.  I will certainly recommend your courses to others. I have gained more confidence using the piping tools, making buttercream and the baking hints will help improve my base cakes. 

The course content and notes were fantastic and will definitely help give my cake designs the extra dimension I have been looking for.  My grand children's birthday cakes will now have greater impact! See our cake design courses. 

Patricia Parle  -  Sydney, Australia  

5 day Patisserie intensive, foundation skills course

The reason that I enrolled into this course is that I am wanting to make a career change. I was a little worried that I may not fit in given my mature age, however I wouldn’t have needed to worry. From the minute I made contact I felt welcomed and cared for and it continued for the duration of the course. What a thoroughly enjoyable, educational and amazing week this has been, I learned so much! In particular a valued the fact that right from the beginning I had the feeling that there was no doubt that all of us would be able to achieve the outcomes with the available support and that made me relax and breath! Highly recommend, what a blast! See our patisserie courses

Kristen Wae - Sydney, Australia 

Cake decorating intensive – 5 day foundation skills 

I attended 3 cupcake classes at the academy before I felt ready to enrol into this course. It was simply the best & I am now ready to commence making cakes from home, thank you guys! See our cake design courses.

Annette Markham, Sydney 

Chocolate Foundation skills

My thanks to you, Deborah Whitebread and the APA in general for a great class on Saturday. I found the course to be extremely pleasurable with a great knowledge base. Chef Deborah was a great choice of teacher with a passion for the subject and a supportive approach to teaching. See our chocolate courses.

John Tibbitts, Sydney 

5 day Patisserie intensive, intermediate level

Thanks again for having me I was totally blown away by the courses & learnt so much........worth every cent!   See our patisserie courses

Penny Millikin, Sydney

5 day Patisserie intensive, foundation skills 

I loved the 5 day intensive patisserie course I enrolled in. Yves was professional and taught me so many valuable skills and techniques to improve my current skills set. The class numbers were nice, suitable enough for us to spend time with the teacher and classmates. Brigitte was just amazing with her organization and communication and anything that was needed for the day. Yves was fun and attentive. See our patisserie courses

Vivian Luong, NSW 

Cake decorating intensive – 5 day foundation skills 

I have a great time and loved everything, particular chef Handi is very thorough and explains the concept of all the ingredients and designs really well. He provided a lot of detail and additional information. Wonderful course! See our cake design courses.

Jennifer Fung, Sydney 

Small Patisserie Creations 

Chef Yves was excellent, he is a wonderful teacher. Everything was well explained and detailed, awesome course! See our patisserie courses 

Melissa Baker, Sydney 

Classic choux pastry & fillings 

I wanted to learn the secret of making choux pastry from a professional chef, and chef Yves truly delivered that. I enjoyed the whole course, techniques, varieties and fillings. This course is an excellent cover for learning choux pastry. See our patisserie courses 

Wanda Wisniewska, Sydney 

Cake decorating intensive – 5 day foundation skills

Chef Handi is so talented and it was most enjoyable to be in his class. The information, tips and hands-on work really helped me to understand the subject and enjoy the course. I am really happy to have attended this course, thank you!  See our cake design courses.

Margaret Yee, Sydney 

Buttercream piping and creative floral designs - level 1

Great teacher, great class, very enjoyable day!   See our cake design courses.

Jonathan Pickard, Sydney