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Patisserie course


Immerse yourself in one of our refined patisserie courses that promise to teach you how to create perfectly shaped and moulded pastries, ready for your own high tea.

Beginners will work on their foundation techniques in pastry, cakes, macarons and simple desserts. Intermediates will advance their skills and learn additional trends and styles in entremets, petit gateau and verrines.

Professionals in our advanced and master classes will enhance their extensive experience with new, modern and advanced techniques in contemporary garnishing.

Patisserie intensive level 2 – 5 days intermediate

Expand your knowledge, refine your skills & techniques and add to your patisserie repertoire.

Start date: Monday 25/09/2017 Duration 5 days

Pâtisserie haute couture master class with chef Karim Bourgi

4 day patisserie intensive, 36 hour hands on master class with international guest chef Karim Bourgi

Start date: Wednesday 04/10/2017 Duration 4 days

Modern entremets – intermediate NEW RECIPES

Create technically refined entremets that will impress with their flavours combinations, textures and layers.

Start date: Friday 13/10/2017 Duration 2 days

Flourless Mokaya Chocolate, Mandarin & Sudachi entremet without added gluten, dairy or nuts

Learn how to create a skillful & delicious mousse based cake without added GLUTEN, DAIRY or NUTS.

Start date: Friday 20/10/2017 Duration 1 day

Classic choux pastry and fillings

Learn to create your own éclairs, choux buns and profiteroles in no time.

Start date: Saturday 21/10/2017 Duration 1 day

Patisserie intensive – 5 day foundation skills

Provides you with a comprehensive set of essentials skills which are a must for any aspiring pastry chef.

Start date: Monday 23/10/2017 Duration 5 days

Innovative tarts and tartelettes – Foundation skills

Learn how to create a perfect melt in your mouth tart base, combined with basic fillings and garnishing techniques.

Start date: Saturday 28/10/2017 Duration 1 day

Modern strawberry, vanilla crème brulee & lemon entremet

Join us in this hands on and interactive class and learn how to make a beautiful mousse based cake.

Start date: Saturday 28/10/2017 Duration 1 day

Modern Chocolate brownie, caramel and passion fruit entremet

Make a caramel milk chocolate based entremet, incorporating layers of passion fruit and caramel.

Start date: Friday 03/11/2017 Duration 1 day

Festival of macarons

Learn how to master a french classic and create your own perfect macarons.

Start date: Saturday 04/11/2017 Duration 1 day

French Classic Patisserie, Opera gâteau

Learn to make a range of classic French patisserie items: Opera gâteau, vanilla crème brûlée & passion fruit soufflé.

Start date: Saturday 04/11/2017 Duration 1 day

Small patisserie creations

Learn how to create a selection of technically refined and visually stunning petit gateaux and verrines.

Start date: Friday 10/11/2017 Duration 2 days

Pâte feuilletée – the secrets of making puff pastry

Learn all there is to know about making perfect puff pastry.

Start date: Saturday 11/11/2017 Duration 1 day