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Our team of talented chefs have assembled from around the globe to push the boundaries of patisserie and establish the Academy. Each chef brings with them their own specialist skills and qualities to deliver an engaging, inspiring and rewarding customer experience. 

Yves Scherre

Yves Scherrer

Patisserie & Chocolate Specialist

Yves Scherrer’s serious dedication to his craft has brought him around the world, working and developing his personal style in places as diverse as France, Japan, Ghana, Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg, the United States and Australia. A self-described pastry geek, his passion for technique, elegant and clean desserts while respecting the flavours his ingredients can embody, are at the centre of his philosophy. Outside of the kitchen, he is involved in every aspect of the industry across competitions, pastry clubs, international events and social media. 

Yves Scherrer has distinguished himself within Australia with fascinating, intricate creations that are balanced in both proportion and flavour. His technical ability, grounded in rigorous French training, is forged with a passion for seasonal produce and the integrity of his ingredients. He thrives on the challenge of creating something technically difficult that serves to bring out the most of his chosen ingredient. In addition to being highly technical and elegant, his plated desserts are usually a reflection of this focus: making one primary ingredient the focal point visually and conceptually and he uses all other components to elevate and celebrate its flavour, texture and essence.  Available patisserie courses >

Emmanuel Lottefier

Emmanuel Lottefier 

Patisserie, Sugar Artistry, Chocolate, Bread & Bakery Specialist

Emmanuel found his passion for patisserie at a very young age, growing up and learning his craft in Brussels, Belgium the chocolate capital of the world.   Studying over a period of 5 years he became competent in the areas of patisserie, chocolate, confectionery, bread and sugar artistry. 

Chef Emmanuel was the winner of the “Most outstanding chef award” in Australia in 1993, he is also the recipient of numerous gold medals for his outstanding work in the areas of cakes, chocolate, petit fours and sugar artistry. Emmanuel represented Australia in the Coupe de Monde de la Patisserie (Pastry World Cup) in Lyon, France. He further represented Australia a the Mondial des Arts Sucres in Paris, France showcasing his Sugar Artistry skills. 

With extensive experience working in Belgium, France, Italy, Japan and Australia chef Emmanuel is not only an all-round accomplished pastry chef but also a much respected teacher.    Available courses>

Luigi Stivaletta

Luigi Stivaletta

Patisserie, Bread & Bakery, Chocolate & Sugar Artistry Specialist

Luigi commenced his training in the industry early; being born into a family of three generations of Italian bread and patisserie specialists, the passion for the trade was literally in his blood.

Luigi has a real passion for all things sweet; consequently, he is highly skilled across bread, bakery, patisserie, chocolate, sugar artistry and cake decorating. With a 16-year teaching history and a number of gold medals to his name in national and international World Skills competitions, Luigi is a versatile, passionate and not only talented but also technical all-encompassing teacher.  Available courses>


Deborah Whitebread

Chocolate & Patisserie Specialist

Deborah started her culinary career in London training under renowned pastry chef Claire Clark MBE MOGB, firstly at the Intercontinental Hotel and then as sous-chef at Sir Terence Conran's Bluebird restaurant in Chelsea.

This is where Deborah’s passion for working with chocolate began. Upon her arrival in Australia, Deborah worked in award-winning hotels and restaurants across the country.  Deborah also started her own wholesale patisserie on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Deborah has a passion for chocolate and contemporary desserts and a real desire to pass on her knowledge and skills. Available chocolate courses >

Handi Mulyana

Handi Mulyana

Cake Design and Decoration Specialist

Handi was born to decorate cakes. At 10 years of age he began working in the family cake shop in Indonesia and his passion and exceptional skills have allowed him to work all across the globe since. With over 20 years of experience in making, decorating and sculpturing cakes Handi has gained a reputation as an exceptional, multi-award winning cake artist. He is known for his unique designs and the high quality of his work.

Handi has many years experience in teaching students the skill of decorating cakes and the art of sugar–craft. Handi is not only a gifted cake decorator, his friendliness, charisma and passion for decorating combine to make him an exceptional teacher. Available cake decoration courses >

Sori Jeong

Sori Jeong

Cake Design, Korean Buttercream Flowers Specialist 

Sori has a unique gift and talent when it comes to cake design and decorations and a real passion for Korean flower decorating. 

Sori studied patisserie at the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute, finding her passion for cake decorating she trained extensively with cake decorating masters internationally.

Combining her experience and skills as a pastry chef with a passion for teaching and an exceptional eye for detail, Sori has established herself as a much valued member of the team.  Available cake decoration courses >

Sarah Oxborough

Sarah Oxborough 

Bread, Patisserie, Cake Design and Decorations Specialist

Sarah commenced her culinary career by completing dual qualifications in both patisserie and bakery. Even during her years as an apprentice Sarah showed her passion and commitment to her profession by competing in international competitions such as Bakeskills and Workskills as well as being the team captain representing Australia at the Coupe de Monde de la Patisserie (World Pastry Cup) in 1997. 

After working in award-winning hotels and restaurants within Australia and the UK, Sarah commenced her career as an educator with a particular emphasis on bread and cake design. Watching students develop their talent and skills provides Sarah with great pleasure and motivates her even more to continuously develop her own skills further.Available bakery courses>


Vivek Angré 

Bakery Specialist

Vivek was born into a Royal family in Western India and began his professional training at the age of 17 at a boutique hotel in Bombay, India (now Mumbai). Upon graduating his formal training, Vivek combined his love of his trade and travel, working in exotic locations such as Dubai and Bahrain where he learnt the art of baking and was fortunate enough to be trained under some of the greatest traditional bakers and pastry chefs.

With decades of knowledge and experience under his belt, Vivek enjoys using his passion for food to direct future bakers and pastry cooks in the direction they desire.  Available bakery courses>


Joseph Roche

Patisserie, Chocolate & Sugar Specialist

Joseph displayed an interest in food from a young age, with his parent’s enthusiasm for the craft being largely instrumental in his desire to enter the food industry professionally.

From a management trainee program with the Taj Group of Hotels, to studying chocolate and sugar at the famous Le Notre School in Paris, to opening his own patisserie in Austria, Joseph has a vast array of management experience at all levels.

This experience makes his role as an educator particularly fitting for aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs.  Available patisserie courses >



Angelo Roche

Patisserie, Chocolate & Sugar Specialist

Born in Sri Lanka and raised in India, Angelo grew up with fond childhood memories of family gatherings, good food and a rich cultural heritage which spurned him into the patisserie industry.
Committed to sharpening up his patisserie skills, Angelo travelled as far as France and America to complete professional development pastry courses at Ecole Lenôtre France, Ecole Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil Paris and the Callebaut Academy Chicago.

This extensive experience proved dividends for  Angelo, when he was selected to represent Australia in the Coupe de Monde du la Patisserie (World Pastry Cup) in 2007 and even further, when he was crowned the 2010 winner of the inaugural Callebaut Chocolate Showpiece competition.  Available patisserie courses >