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Our courses

The Australian Patisserie Academy was built upon the need to provide culinary professionals and food enthusiasts the opportunity to further their patisserie training. The Academy delivers a suite of patisserie courses that are short, flexible and relevant and ensure that your culinary skills are transformed and upgraded ready for your next adventure in the industry or at home.

Our courses focus on the areas of chocolate, bread, cake design and decoration, sugar and patisserie. They are designed to help you master a range of skills or focus on your chosen specialist area.

Course levels

Build your skills from beginner to master or if you are already experienced you can start at the level that suits you.

  • Beginner Series – will deliver the latest basic skills and techniques at an entry level suitable for beginners wanting to learn foundation skills and techniques.

  • Intermediate Series – suitable for those who have completed a Beginner Series or who have some previous experience.

  • Advanced Series – suitable for those who have extensive experience in preparation and production and want to learn new techniques, trends and styles for business and passion.

  • Master Series – suitable for professionals wanting to refine their extensive experience and enhance their skill with superior techniques for industry and competition.

Choose your course

Patisserie tart


Immerse yourself in one of our refined patisserie courses and learn foundation skills in pastry, cakes and macarons, through to advanced techniques in contemporary garnishing.


Chocolate sculpture


Indulge in one of our heavenly chocolate courses and learn foundation skills in tempering coverture and basic chocolate production, through to advanced techniques for showpiece artistry.


Pulled sugar


Engage yourself in our innovative sugar classes and learn foundation skills in cooking, casting, pulling and garnishing, through to advanced techniques in sugar showpiece artistry.




Smell some of our wholesome aromas in our classic bakery classes and learn foundation techniques in dough making and moulding, through to advanced techniques in artisan breads and the development of sour dough and preferment.


Cake Decorating

Cake design & decoration

Get crafty with our cake design and decorating courses and learn foundation skills in covering, decoration, piping, stencilling and colouring your cake, through to advanced techniques in figurines and modelling..