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Artisan bread loaves


Take delight in our classic bakery classes, by kneading dough from scratch, and revelling in the smell of your own freshly baked loaves of bread.

Beginners will get the opportunity to build foundation techniques in dough making and moulding for home bakers.

Intermediate students will develop their skills while gaining further understanding into the techniques involved with international breads, yeast pastries, sweet buns, and creating your own sour starter. 

Professionals can perfect more advanced techniques in creating artisan breads and the development of sourdough and preferment, by studying in our advanced and master classes.

Modern croissants - level 2

Enhance your skills and create unique and delicious croissants.

Start date: Saturday 13/03/2021 Duration 1 day

Danish pastries & brioche

In this hands-on class learn the secrets of making delicious danish pastries & brioche breads.

Start date: Saturday 20/03/2021 Duration 1 day

Hot cross buns

Join us for this fun hands-on class and learn important baking techniques that will impress your family and friends this Easter.

Start date: Saturday 27/03/2021 Duration 1 day

5 day APA intensive taster

Master a range of skills in Patisserie, Chocolate, Cake Design and Decoration, Sugar and Bakery in this exciting new class.

Start date: Monday 12/04/2021 Duration 5 days

Bakery intensive

Learn the art of making bread and yeast dough based pastries.

Start date: Monday 12/04/2021 Duration 5 days

The art of sourdough

Learn all the essentials to bake sourdough bread for your family and friends.

Start date: Saturday 01/05/2021 Duration 1 day

Gourmet doughnuts

Come and join us in this fun and interactive class and learn how to make these delicious doughnuts.

Start date: Saturday 08/05/2021 Duration 1 day

Sourdough bagel and pretzels

Discover the secrets in creating beautiful bagels and pretzels!

Start date: Saturday 22/05/2021 Duration 1 day

Introduction to croissants – level 1

Discover the secrets to making delicious croissants.

Start date: Saturday 29/05/2021 Duration 1 day