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The V-egg-an

Plated Dessert

The V-egg-an is the vegan plated dessert that was presented at the World pastry cup in France by the Australian pastry team. It won the Media Award of Best Vegan Plated Dessert. 
This class is for everyone that is interested to take their dessert making skills to the next level and learn from an industry expert how to create “Art” on a plate.  
You will learn how to make a variety of dessert components, followed by learning how to assemble and plate desserts using modern, cutting edge techniques. 
The techniques learned are current in the industry and can be used in a fully professional environment or alternatively are fully utilisable at home.

What you will learn: 

  • how to make a vegan cake
  • how to make a variety of vegan creams and curd 
  • how to make crunchy and soft elements to add different textures 
  • how to use Mannitol, a replacement to caster sugar to create a crunchy egg shell.
  • how to make an interesting design in your plate using a chablon
  • how to assemble, finish and garnish your Plated dessert  
  • how to make a vegan sorbet
  • how to make a refreshing pineapple marmalade
  • how to make a vegan foam/ mousse like using soy protein
  • how to reproduce non vegan textures with pectines and proteins.

Each student makes enough for 3 plated desserts (However, the transport of the full dessert will be difficult due to the presence of a sorbet). 

A detailed recipe book is provided as part of this course.


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