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Patisserie intensive

patisserie intensive

This 5 day course is designed to provide students with an in-depth, intensive experience of patisserie foundations skills in a professional environment. 

Whether you are a serious food enthusiast or would like to test the waters before committing to a full qualification, this course will provide you with a comprehensive set of essentials skills which are a must for any aspiring pastry chef or anyone interested to take their skills to a more professional level, enabling you to confidently pursue your goals. 

What you will learn 


  • hand tempering of chocolate, tabling and vaccination method 
  • the use of different types of couverture chocolate 
  • chocolate moulding, creating your own chocolate creations 
  • how to make chocolate decorations & garnishes 


  • how to make macarons using Italian meringue method 
  • how to make Pina colada ganache 
  • innovative techniques to create stylish and modern macarons 
  • piping techniques, single and dual colours 
  • how to assemble your macaron tower with finesse incorporating chocolate garnishes and edible flowers. 

Tarts and tartelettes 

  • how to make vegan pâte sucrée (sweet short crust pastry) 
  • how to make pâte sable crumble (Biscuit crumb base) 
  • how to make a variety of fillings and textures: 
    • chocolate ganache 
    • raspberry vegan curd 
    • caramel macadamia cremeux 
    • green tea matcha ganache 
  • innovative techniques to create stylish and modern tarts and tartelettes 
  • glazing and finishing techniques. 

Plated desserts 

  • how to plate classic desserts with finesse and flair 
  • learn how to create art on your plate and introduce colours 
  • the use of simple and complex flavour combinations 
  • how to deconstruct a dessert 
  • how to use an espuma canister to make foams and microwave sponge cake.


  • how to make a jaconde sponge for the base of your entremet 
  • how to make vanilla bean mousse suitable to be used in cakes 
  • how to make a cold set vanilla crème brulee used as an insert in your cake 
  • how to make an almond praline crisp to add some texture 
  • how to incorporate a variety of textures like crunchy, smooth, chewy to enhance the eating experience 
  • how to make a perfectly shiny glaze 
  • how to glaze an entremet like a professional 
  • how to make chocolate garnishes to complete your creation with finesse. 

Everything created in class is for students to take home, all materials are included in the cost of the course. 

A comprehensive recipe booklet is provided as part of the course. 

Please ensure to familiarise yourself with our terms & conditions and FAQ's 

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course. Students are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). More information regarding the USI can be found in our FAQs.


5 days



Choose your start date


Monday, 30 September 2024



Attendance dates

30 September - 4 October 2024